Our sun loungers are of exquisite design and are fitted with the exclusive Koulsdown cooling gel mattress. The cooling gel is positioned in the upper layers of the mattress, thus giving an instant cooling effect when laid upon, this will reduce your core body temperature by up to 2 degrees. The cooling gel reacts when in contact with the body, it absorbs the body heat and dissipates it back out into the air, giving you a pleasant, cooling feeling and will relieve discomfort from over heating. The gel is flexible and deformable to allow the layer to also provide pressure relief and comfort. This amazing cooling gel technology is included in our full range of cushions and pillows that complement our beautifully crafted outdoor furniture. 



Indulge yourself and experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort whilst relaxing in your garden. The Versatile Koulsdown Sun Loungers have a technology that makes it a one of a kind, With a cooling gel memory foam mattress, this sun lounger not only gives you the ultimate experience of relaxation but it also cools you down and is also good for your back. The sun lounger comes in a number of ranges, finishes and colours. visit our range page to view full spec.




Beautifully fashioned side table to match the rest of the Koulsdown Collection  this gorgeous Side Table With its contemporary design, this super versatile and functional little table adds to the luxury comfort of the sun lounger and partners with it allowing you to rest your food, drink and personal belongings within arms reach, Please Check Our Range Page for all specs



This incredibly luxury Koulsdown Settee brings style to your garden furniture with the same technology as the sun lounger this settee has the same cooling gel and memory foam mattress as the sunlounger giving your back the support it needs and with cooling down technology it makes for a perfect garden settee . The only one of its kind this settee would be perfect for any garden.  Please view our range page to see full specs



Make the most of your space with our outdoor garden table and chairs with each individual chair containing the same technology as our sun lounger this Koulsodnw Garden dining table and chairs proves to be the perfect blend between garden dining and luxury giving you the same cooling gel technology as the rest of the collection and the support from the memory foam chairs you can sit back relax and enjoy your meal on this perfect garden table and chair set, for full spec go to our range page.